Online gambling has been constantly blamed for addiction and a whole lot of negative things. Well, most of them are myths. Online gambling is a reputable industry that earns $12 billion annually in a decent manner. Let us look at the myths and the facts that topple them off:

* Children can easily gamble online. This is not true. Although a foolproof measure to stop children from participating on such a ‘strictly adult’ activity is yet to be developed, online gambling sites have been doing their best to be effective in dealing with this issue. As such, it would be hard work for anyone below the legal age to get through the screening process. Soon enough, a verification service will be employed for this cause. Until then, casino sites will have to rely on their current procedure to ensure that no minor is allowed to gamble.

* Online casino sites encourage gambling addiction because it is favorable to them. This is a very harsh accusation. Any service provider would like to be patronized but not to the point that they will ever encourage abuse. Casino operators seek loyal customers who will stay active for a long period of time. Gambling addicts usually overdo it short-term and give up altogether because they are burned out. Those statements are entirely different things.

* Fraudulent acts are frequently experienced in online gambling sites. This is not true. Most gambling sites operate under strict compliance to the existing rules and regulations. Their systems are checked, tested, and audited to ensure that every transaction is protected. This kind of protection is built not just for the players but for the operators as well. Such a secure environment is both beneficial to the members’ money concerns and for the casino’s credibility.

* The concept of solitary play in online gambling triggers addiction. This is also not true. Online gambling only offers a convenient alternative to bring the industry within reach. However, it is still the players’ sole responsibility to control themselves when they feel they are going overboard. Players should set their limits on their own and strictly stick to it. Also, online gambling sites are interactive. There is always a room for social interaction among members albeit virtually.

The occurrence of online gambling is not the only variable that affects the problem of addiction. Gambling and the love of it have been around for decades and even centuries. The Internet technology only enhanced it. But just the same, the gambling industry has no intention whatsoever to encourage abuse.

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