Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is flouting venerable Las Vegas tradition by no longer comping drinks for bar customers who are playing machines.

Vegas casinos have long honored the practice of giving a free drink in exchange for ten dollars play at the video gambling machines inset into the bars, but Wynn will now charge full price for cocktails, regardless of play.

Other resorts, notably the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay, have attempted similar changes in policy in the past. Those changes were reversed when business at the bars dropped considerably, reflecting a boycott of the new procedure.

Wynn is gambling that its high-end clientele, used to paying $300 or more for rooms, won’t balk at a few dollars for drinks, and that the customers who wander from the Strip will pay the price for lounging with the rich and famous. However, the casino may discover that patrons who spend heavily expect amenities to be courtesy of the hotel, and will balk at an a la carte treatment.


Canadian Couple Wins Casino Jackpot And Lottery In Same Night

So you go to a casino and play the slot machines, and after playing for a while, you hit a $13,000 jackpot, after the rush of the situation is over, you return home.

Then, a couple hours later you realize you matched all the numbers to the lottery and won a cool $18.5 million. As the story goes, then you wake up.

Only thing about this story is that the person who had that dream never woke up, mainly because it was not a dream, as the previously mentioned scenarios actually happened to Antonietta Marrocco.

On Friday night, Antonietta, from Caledon, bought a lottery ticket. Then on Saturday, she hit the jackpot at Casino Rama, followed by the big prize of the $18.5 million from the lottery.

Her husband, Tony, was on the couch taking a nap when Antonietta and their daughter woke him up to tell him the news, “It was a little hard to believe”, he said, “I thought they were pulling my leg.”

They were not pulling his leg, and the family, which owns a construction company, rejoiced in their winnings. They claim that they will not stop working even with the outrageous amount of money that they won.

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